Plan With Me: April

I’ve always loved Spring. It’s warmer, and I can finally stop dragging my winter jacket around with me everywhere I go. Plus, Spring flowers are just plain pretty. Ever since Ishtar, goddess of sexuality and fertility for the ancient Babylonians, became the patron goddess of the world’s rebirth, Spring has been the time for the Earth’s yearly Renaissance.

This last month, I participated in the March #PlanWithMeChallenge on Facebook. They have an Instagram group as well, but seeing as how I don’t actually have an Instagram account, I stuck to the Facebook group last month. And oh my. The sheer amount of inspiration and epiphanies I had last month was unfathomable.

Basically, the #PlanWithMeChallenge deals with the bullet journal. If you don’t know what a bullet journal is… well, first, this post is all about bullet journals, so I think you’re in the wrong place. Second, the bullet journal is a system of using a pen and a notebook to keep track of your entire life. The bullet journal is a planner. And a diary. And a college term schedule. And a goal setter. And basically anything else you want it to be. The beauty of the bullet journal system is that the creator, Ryder Carroll, left it so bare-boned that his original system works just fine, but it is entirely customizable.

And the bullet journal is forgiving, too. It’s not like a regular planner, where if you miss a day, every time you open your planner that day stares right back at you judgingly. If you miss a day in the bullet journal, or a week, or a month, or whatever, just pick back up right where you left off. I’ve seen people just start right back up with a new day, people try to record what they did in the days they missed, and–I don’t remember where–I saw one person draw a tiny sleeping Pikachu where they missed a day.

Anyways, we’re getting off topic. Back to Spring. As it is the first day of April, I decided to take you on a quick journey of just how much I have grown since I started the #PlanWithMeChallenge. So, without further ado, come and take a look at my bullet journal at the start of March, and how it has evolved, before I set up for April.

(Side note: if you don’t know much about the system, it’s best to take a quick look at it first, as my version is a bit different from the original. Here is a video by Ryder Carroll explaining the basics of the system, and here are my two favorite bullet journal blogs for some inspiration: bohoberry and tinyrayofsunshine.)


This is my March monthly log. Generally, I like Ryder’s original monthly log layout, but for March I tried a bullet journal staple: the habit tracker. Around two weeks in, I began to slack off, because the habit tracker wasn’t immediately nearby my dailies, so it sort of got lost in the notebook. So later on, I implemented a weekly spread, and stuck my habit tracker in that.

You might also notice the brain dump. That worked really well for me (especially the signifiers, which I found on Pinterest), but this next month I don’t think I’ll give them a designated page. Rather, I’ll just incorporate the signifiers into my notes bullets in my dailies.


Here are my food log and sentence journal for March. The food log is based on the USDA’s portion suggestions from the MyPlate, the replacement for the food pyramid. Each color corresponds to a food group (red is fruit, green is veggies, and so on), and each box is a serving. So for example, If it were to eat two Tablespoons of hummus with half of a pita on the 11th, I’d go to the 11th and mark off one orange box and one purple box. However, like with my habit tracker, having to go back to my monthly to mark it off became a pain, so on the 28th it became a part of my weekly as well.

As for the sentence journal, I got the idea from a book at Barnes and Noble. Instead of having to commit to huge journal entries, write one sentence every evening about your day. After the 28th, this one was moved to my dailies.


Next are three spreads of dailies. About halfway through the second week, I realized that the chronodexes (the circular time schedulers) look amazing but also take up too much time, effort, and space to be worth it, so I cut them out. It was probably the hardest cut I made in March, because I love the Chronodex idea. If you feel the bullet journal isn’t right for you, try downloading the free Chronodex template here.

So halfway through week 11, I abandoned the spreads I’d made completely and tried something else.

In the meantime, I made this “Books To Read” spread. The spread is actually pretty famous on Pinterest, and I’m sure if you searched “bullet journal ideas” it’d be near the top of the page, but for me it’s just too much space. When I migrate to a new journal, I plan to shrink this spread of 104 books down to a single page of 52.


I got this Level 10 Life spread idea from bohoberry. This was my first attempt at it, and the goals I made to achieve my level 10 life were pretty vague. So at the beginning of the second quarter of the year (this month), I redid it with more concrete goals. We’ll get to that in a bit.


This page is just a spread of doodles I made the day I learned how to draw Celtic knots.


Moving on, here is what I tried when I gave up the chronodex dailies. If you notice, I clung on to the system, and tried to turn it into a weekly page. But this only lasted a week and I am now (unfortunately) completely chronodex-free.

Here is where I started experimenting with headers. All of these I got from bohoberry.


For week 12, I tried to stick my habit tracker into my dailies. If you notice, about halfway through the week is when I decided to implement a time tracker, and around the weekend I gave up on the habit tracker–it was simply too much to put in a spread.

Also during this week I discovered the 1-3-5 rule. In a day, make your to-do list with one big task, three medium tasks, and five small tasks. Then when that task list is made, you’re done. No more. It has been working phenomenally to keep me from overexerting myself, so I’m not dead to the world by the next day.


Right around the 25th of March, I found myself wondering what exactly I was doing with my bullet journal. For this spread I made a diary entry looking back on my bullet journal journey. Then on the right page, I split it up into past, present, and future, and wrote down everything I wanted my bullet journal to record. This spread helped me get a more firm grounding in my system, and was the beginning of the ending of my planner-floundering, and my bullet journal became more concrete from there.


This is my first weekly spread. I got the idea from bohoberry, and added a few tweaks of my own. If you notice, this is where we re-see my food log and habit tracker. The food log is the same format as my original one, but the big boxes from my monthly spread have shrunk into two circles per box.

The spread is split into four columns. The left column is reserved for time-sensitive events, like assignment due dates and meetings.

The second column is for day-sensitive events–things that have to be done on a specific day, but not by a specific time. If you notice, I did a lot of editing as this week went on (and i mixed up Easter, but please just ignore that).

The third column is for tasks and trackers. Any smaller tasks I want to do this week that don’t have a specific due date, and the rest is dedicated to my food log and habit tracker.

The last column is for projects. This last week I was going through all of my stuff, and I was preparing for this post here. But the projects can be changed to anything you want. Generally, I considered the top two to be medium-sized projects–things bigger than the task list, but not too big–and the bottom project to be a big project.


This spread was a big one.


On Monday, I was using my Pentel Slicci .25mm pens that I have been since starting the bullet journal system in November.


But that afternoon, I bought my current pens–my Faber Castell PITT artist pen set in S (.3mm), F (.5mm), M (.7mm), and B (brush pen), and my Staedtler triplus fineliners 10-pack. And a quick look at the spread shows the difference in quality.

Also, this was where I started my sentence journal in with the dailies. The short sentences in fancy colored font tossed about the spread are my sentence journal. And the green celtic knot on the right is just a doodle I did in class.


This is my cleaning calendar and yesterday’s daily. I copied the cleaning calendar off of a printable I found here. It’s been working pretty well so far.


Here is my updated level 10 life. If you notice, I made monthly goals for the next quarter, which you’ll see reappear in a minute.


This is my spring term spread for this college term. It’s based on the calendex future log system for the bullet journal. It was a bit of a failed spread–particularly the readings bit–because I came up with a better idea the very next day. But I still plan to use this spread as an overview, so I can see when multiple classes have assignments due in one day.


Remember when I said the level 10 life goals would reappear? We have officially reached my April plan. I went back to Ryder’s original system, but I added a little box of the Level 10 Goals for April at the bottom of a task page. I had planned on connecting them into a mind map, but I sort of liked the look of them bouncing around in the box there, so I left them as is.


Here are my prompts for the #PlanWithMeChallenge, and a new challenge I’m starting this month: the #RockYourHandwriting challenge. The numbers act as a tracker, and–if you’ll notice–I already completed today’s. I like how colorful this spread turned out, and I think I might keep it in May. But we’ll see.


I got this spread from something similar off of Pinterest, and it is officially one of my favorite spreads in my bullet journal. For each of my four classes this term, I made a page for everything that’s going on this month. The blue page on the left is for my English class, and the red on the right is for my Creative Writing class. I love love love the way it turned out.


This spread is for my other two classes, and I love them as well. The green page on the left is for Spanish, and the orange one on the right is for an online Money Management class I’m taking. Now, since it’s an online class, the Money Management class didn’t have enough information for me to fill the whole page, but I still think it looks good.


Here is today’s daily. I feel like I’ve come a long way from the beginning of March.


Here is my spread for next week. As we speak, I haven’t quite finished it yet. But it should be done by the time I post this.


Well, I do believe that that is about it. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below. I hope you enjoyed this look into my bullet journal!

I will see you on Monday guys! Bye!


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